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Design Biography


Focused, adaptive and passionate all describe me as a designer. I ensure that every aspect of each project that I complete is considered and managed. I carry an adaptive design style that allows me to apply specific elements that are needed for each project on hand. Creating a design space that is unique to the particular project is key to immersing oneself into the process. I do this to ensure that every element and aspect of the product is fulfilled. My design philosophy is that there needs to be an enhanced focus on creating viable quality lifetime and sustainable products that have derive an increased perceived sense of value.

As the global marketplace becomes smaller and competition mounts, I believe the future of Industrial Design is entering an exciting stage as companies will need to seek expertise to enhance their products. Exploration into new materials, manufacturing processes and design research methodologies will help to evolve the future of products and industrial design.  My three co-op placements have helped to build these skills and my career goal will be to pursue continuous exploration of the various aspects and applications so I can add greater value to my future design endeavours.


Curriculum Vitae


Josh Mackenzie Haines


1 (647) 828 9643


Bachelor of Industrial Design (Co-op)
Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario
(9'13 - 5'18)


Junior Industrial Designer (9'16 - 5'17)

Carleton University
Teaching Assistant (12'15 - 4'16)

Industrial Designer (5'16 - 9'16)

Student Industrial Designer (5'15 - 9'15)


Dean's List (2015 - 2018)
Marc C. Gauthier Award (2018)
Carleton University Alumni Scholarship (2016-2017)
A. Davidson Dunton Scholarship (2016)
Purvins Memorial Award (2016)
Allan Buchanan Scholarship (2016)
Robertson Scholarship (2014)
Technology Academic Achievement Award (2013)