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The common tool to clean welds used by underwater welders, propeller/hull cleaners and boat
recovery crews is a metal hammer with a small pick attachment.

When a pneumatic tool is used at depths below 30 feet, the exhaust must run to the surface
otherwise the tool will not function as the air from the compressor will not be strong enough to
overcome the water pressure. The current solve to enhance the power is to run a secondary hose
to the surface but unfortunately, the maneuverability of the grinder becomes quite restrictive.

Project Goals:

1. To develop a pneumatic tool and system to operate at depths greater than 30 feet.
2. To minimize the size and weight of current pneumatic tools while increasing maneuverability
and ease of use.
3. To improve the visual and tactile sensory in low level lighting conditions.

This Pneumatic grinder will make even faster work of rough welds and can also function as a
surface cleaning tool for underwater boat cleaners.




8 weeks