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With the real and imminent threat of water shortages in populated areas around the world, it is becoming more crucial to create products that help to change water consumption behavior.

Quantum is a hot water reservoir that can be universally connected to any hot water output system. This product will relieve the need to run the tap for long periods of time while waiting for hot water. This will save all the wasted water used while waiting for water to heat up.

Average individual discards water 5000 Liters of water waiting for hot water to reach their taps (3/4 Pipe, 15 meters from heat source). This water can be saved by filling up an insulated reservoir that will keep the water hot, minimizing wasted energy and water.

  • This analog approach requires no electricity.
  • The system will provide hot water with no external inputs.
  • It is easy installed where all that is need to be done is screwing in intake and outtake of hot water.
  • 3 different capacities for different contexts or scenarios (5 Litres, 7 Litres, 10 Litres)





10 Weeks