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With the real and imminent threat of water shortages in populated areas around the world, it is
becoming more crucial to create products that help to change water consumption behavior.

The Quantum is a hot water reservoir that can be universally connected to any hot water output
system. This product will diminish the need to run the tap while waiting for hot water thereby not
only saving water but as well reusing wasted water.

An average user discards 5000 liters of water annually while waiting for hot water to reach their
taps (Basis: 3/4 pipe, 15 meters from heat source.). With the Quantum, this water could be saved
as it is stored in an insulated reservoir that will not only keep it hot but will help to minimize
wasted energy.

  • This analog approach and system requires no electricity and will provide hot water with
    no external inputs.
  • Its ease of installation; screwing in an intake and outtake for the hot water makes it very
    user friendly.
  • The Quantum could also be adapted for varying capacities and/or scenarios with reservoir
    expansion; 5L, 7L and 10L’s.






10 Weeks